Does Calm Living have a registered building practitioner?

Yes, Anton Engelmayer is a registered builder with the Victorian Building Commission. His registration number is DB-U 40079

What sort of work do you undertake?

While our main business is building tailor made sustainable homes we also act as green building consultants and undertake renovations including retro fitting to the equivalent of a new home environmental standard.

What areas of Melbourne do you work in?

While we are based in Ferntree Gully we undertake work throughout Melbourne and surrounding regional areas.  During our time in the business we have undertaken work in areas such as St Kilda, Parkville, Armadale, Berwick, Brighton, Camberwell, Eltham, Ivanhoe, Kew, Prahran and Toorak. In most cases if you have a project that involves a quality sustainable home or renovation we will come to where you area so don’t hesitate to call us if you are at all uncertain.

Can you arrange all permits for my new home or renovation?

Yes, our services include design, plans, permits, project management, construction, to a turnkey stage.

What are the cost implications of building a green home? Does it cost more than a conventional home?

We build green homes not just because we believe we have a responsibility to but because they actually deliver better living standards and long term value well beyond energy savings. While some elements of a sustainable home can cost more than with a conventional building others cost less and we are able to help you make the most cost effective choices while achieving long-term durability. What you need to remember is that most conventional homes start looking tired both internally and externally and are in need of major renovation within 25 years. While a well-built sustainable home can last much longer than this without needing major renovation, even on this time scale the greatly reduced maintenance and energy cost of a sustainable home puts it well ahead in the long term.

Can you retrofit my home to improve its appearance design and environmental sustainability?

Yes. We depending on your brief we can bring this all the way up to the standard of a new sustainable home. For more detail see our sustainable renovation section

How do you work with regard to quoting jobs and  variations?

A detailed estimate and scope of works is naturally part of your project outline. We will go through this carefully with you, make sure you understand every element of it and explore all options with regard to cost and value. While good planning and communication can largely avoid variations on some occasions these can happen without fault of either party. In that case we will advise you promptly and find the best value way to make this happen.

How will I know that I covered should (for what ever reason) something go wrong?

Calm Living Homes is a registered Master Builder and holds a high level of construction insurance and public liability, as well as providing homeowners warranty insurance. This ensures that you will be covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Do you have any projects we can visit to view your work?

Yes, we do have projects under way constantly however we have found it is more meaningful to show potential clients our award winning Machu Piccu home because it is our own home and encompasses so many sustainable principles in one location. Because obviously our other finished homes are inevitably occupied by their owners you will need to refer to our gallery to see more examples of our work.

Do you have your own trades people and employees?

We have a long established dedicated team but not as our full time employees. All our tradespeople have proven themselves over many years and in most cases we have been their major employer for a long time. This arrangement is also provides the best value for you as it means we can put as much of your money as possible into the quality of your building rather than having to charge more to “insure” ourselves against the cost of carrying full time employees.

Who will I be dealing with on my project?

Because we are a boutique builder the owner of he business Anton Engelmayer will be your primary contact and in charge of all aspects of the job.

Can we speak to some of your previous clients?

Yes, we do sometimes put potential clients in touch with previous clients – but naturally need to have regard for their privacy and time.