Douglas Weller
The extension to our home was an upstairs extension with an extra bedroom, an outside landing, a small living area and a bathroom. The reason we chose Anton was because Anton listened to what we had to say, he had been recommended by our friends, and it was clear after our first meeting that he was the right person for the job. I was very concerned about doing a renovation because I had heard many horror stories. I was concerned about the process, but it was made clear to us that there would be minimal disruption to our lives and the running of our home. Everybody involved did everything they possibly could to ensure that we were not disrupted in any significant way. In fact, the whole process was structured so that the majority of the building took place before any of the work had to move inside. So, we could operate normally. Our lives continued pretty much normally until the last part of the build, when they came inside to open up the house to the new extension. The attitude of management was very good. The phone calls were returned, we were encouraged to ask about any issues that we had, and we were encouraged to raise any concerns that we had. Every time that we had an issue that we needed to discuss, it was discussed thoroughly. It was an easy and interesting process. The employees were terrific. They were very helpful, attentive, and courteous. They were a nice bunch of people. They were all guys, but they were all very nice. Communication was also very good. It rolls back into the attitude of management. Every time we needed to communicate with anybody about anything, calls were returned and questions were answered. Attention to detail was also very good. I’m quite pedantic and there were certain things that I wanted done. Also, there were things that my partner wanted done. The quality of the finish is very much along the lines of attention to detail. Because there was a lot of attention to detail, the quality of the finish is terrific. Many people have commented on the quality of the floor, because it has added a lot to our home. It’s a very comfortable floor and it’s been well laid with enormous attention to detail. We’re very happy with the finish of not only the floor, which was a major job, but also the extensions. If we were wondering when something was going to be done, you’d have a chat about it, you were given a timeline, and it was either done or completed before the timeline. The project was completed before the quoted time. We couldn’t believe how quickly it was done. The supervision of the whole project was excellent. There was of course Anton supervising the whole project, but the employees and contractors he had were very switched-on people. They were very courteous, they were very able, and they needed minimal direction from what I could see. The liveability and quality of the home is excellent. We have recommended Anton to neighbours at no 7 and friends in St Kilda, they have used him, and they’re also very happy. We would not hesitate to recommend Anton to anybody. In fact, Anton would be the first person that we would call if we needed building done in the future. If we had to wait for him, we would certainly wait for him before we moved on with anybody else.