Surprising benefits of a sustainable garden

Part of our job as a green builders and designers is to integrate your green home with as sustainable garden for aesthetics and energy efficiencies. While sustainable garden options are as varied as the range of building sites this can contribute hugely to the aesthetics and efficiency of your sustainable home.

In the context of a green home the be benefits of a green home can be many:

  • Insulation from hot and cold
  • Providing food for humans
  • Providing habitat for native animals
  • Reduction of outside noise
  • Softening hard lines of architecture
  • Adding charm and a natural charm to window views
  • Soaking up water runoff
  • Providing warmth to living areas
  • Enjoy a beautiful environment and forget the passage of time in the watches
  • Creating oxygen in living spaces
  • A permanent vibrant, evolving aesthetic inside the home
  • Insulation from heat
  • Protection from fire

The truth is that there is no single silver bullet or magic answer to how you can build a really beautiful sustainable garden and green home. The reality is that the best solutions always take many factors into account.

As an experienced green builder we can help you develop your own individual sustainable home because we know how to balance all these numerous factors, including a sustainable garden design for the best outcome.

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IF you have any questions about sustainable gardens and integrating them into a green home design call Anton Engelmayer on 0418 177380 or email [email protected]

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