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About Us

An expert green builder for your new green home or green home renovation.

If you are looking for an experienced green builder to build your dream green home or green renovation that is what we do. Our style is personal and our product is individual.

This knowledge of sustainable design and  green building techniques means we can deliver your vision and also make sure you get the best value. You will also end up with a home that is not only beautiful but healthy to live in. this might be, for example, because it is free of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), that cause “sick building” syndrome and are found in many conventional paints, adhesives, plywoods etc. Green building is no longer a fad or “alternative” it is simply better from  a whole lot of perspectives – like energy savings, comfort, reduced maintenance costs and retained value.

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Our Comprehensive Building Analyst and Advisor

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“We can help you sort out the claims and counterclaims on sustainable building so you end up with the best answers”

Anton Engelmayer, Managing Director

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Calm Living Homes

We now have two parts of our business with slightly different offerings:

Calm Living Homes which does renovations and extensions using green building techniques.replica watcehs

Grand Designed Homes which specialises in high specification luxury homes built on the best green building and design principles. This means is you can have a spectacular home to suit a large family that has a small environmental impact.replica Rolex vs Panerai watcehs

While many people are now looking to save on home energy costs and make a personal statement by undertaking a green renovation or building their green grand designs home there is a lot of claim and counterclaim in this area. We can help you understand all the options and make the right choices for your individual situation.

This is why we also offer a Green home or renovation audit service. While there is no pressure to use us as a builder when you go through this process it can save you money by guiding your decision making. Typically it can help you answer questions such as:



What are the green building features that will give me the best value for their cost?

How can I optimise passive heating and cooling in my home if its orientation is not ideal?

How can I extend or renovate my heritage home to save energy and be more comfortable without altering its appearance?

How can or should my garden and the surrounds of my home be integrated into its total design?

What makes us different?

Although we need to make a living and are financially stable money is not our sole goal in life.

We believe in sharing knowledge and not holding it to ourselves because knowledge only has real power when shared.

We are passionate about our work and discharging our responsibility to future generations.

Above all we enjoy working with people and partnering with you to deliver a result you will be delighted with.


Calm Living Homes

The convenience and certainty of a “one stop shop” with easy direct communication

When you partner with us we take full responsibility for every aspect of the job from planning and building approvals and insurance to final inspection and hand over. Anton, our Managing Director will work with you personally and guide your decision making at every step of that process. There is no big chain of command just an open and consultative one on one relationship.3 things of wearing replica watches


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Feel free to give us a call

If you are challenged by any big decisions for your next home improvement idea, or have any building related issues, give Anton a call on 0418 177 380 for a free phone consultation to discuss the best way forward.

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