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"A home is more than just a collection of materials."


Calm Living Homes

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Calm Living Homes believes that a luxury home can be built without waste and without dramatically impacting the surrounding environment.

Anton, the founder of Calm Living Homes, is a Comprehensive Building Analyst and Advisor who ensures family values and principles are at the heart of every build. We firmly believe that one of the key ways in which our company sets itself apart is through our social and environmental consciousness, as well as our strong sense of values and integrity.

At Calm Living Homes, we do more than just build homes. Our goal is to create healthy environments that enhance the lives of the people that live within. When we construct homes for our loved ones, we never forget about the world around us. Further, we have the unique ability to build bigger residences to suit larger families without environmental consequences.

In short, a well built green home should not only be superior in every way to a conventional home but have the ability to age gracefully and become better with age – yes, like a fine wine. A quality home, built by people who care about their reputation and craftsmanship, will not deteriorate or constantly need updating. These types of issues are all too common with the bulk of today’s housing stock. Sustainable homes are created to stand the test of time, to work hand in hand with nature instead of against it.

Above all else, Calm Living Homes values quality communication, listening with purpose and focusing intently on what you want from your home. Respecting the needs and opinions of others is a core principle is reflected in all we do.

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