Analyst and Advisor

As a Comprehensive Building Analyst and Advisor, Anton of Calm Living Homes evaluates all factors that may impact your home. He will then provide specific instructions and suggestions to ensure that your future home meets the needs of you and your family at all levels..

His goal is to help empower clients to fully understand the possibilities and variables of their build project, while helping to mitigate the unforeseen risk of any issues arising in the future. This initial consultation is extremely valuable for people looking to expand their understanding of any type of building-associated project.


Anton provides clients with information in a digestible and easy-to-understand way. Using his strong communication skills and experience, Anton ensures that clients will be more informed and better equipped to make decisions that impact the future of their home and budget.

This in-depth analysis is backed by over 40+ years of industry experience and the highest quality technology. Anton conducts his analysis with the client in mind – ensuring that every piece of information provided is useful and easy to understand in the decision-making process.


Anton from Calm Living Homes has a deep understanding of the entire building process, strong communication skills and a passion for producing bespoke, sustainable homes. Anton’s greatest assets are his integrity and his dedication to producing unrivalled, exceptional results on time and budget.

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