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The key to a successful and rewarding building project – Planning!

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Within our extensive experience in home planning, we have undertaken numerous variations of different styles and fulfilled many families home requirements.

These days, planning regulations can be complex and dealing with these is not for the inexperienced. If you already have an architect this is their responsibility, however if you work with us directly, (where we both become the architect) we can handle every aspect of this. In fact, direct communication has significant advantages over dealing with another party in this regard.

Our aim is always for you to enjoy the building experience and everything we do is aimed at that. While we have built many homes, we are good listeners, open minded to change and not stuck in old techniques.

Having built so many homes we also know the sorts of things that can go wrong and how to make sure they never do. Water deterioration and channelling, is just one example of an area that needs hands on expertise to avoid problems.

Beyond these things, there are 1001 other questions you need to answer if you want the best outcome. Some are big and some are small, but many of them are easy to over look or not to answer fully. Things like:

What is the best formula to calculate the budget you need?
How can you best integrate your new home into your living lifestyle inside and out?
How is the best way to benefit from passive design?
How you’re landscaping will work with your home?
Have you really got the best possible energy efficiency?
Does your current furniture fit your build?
Have you got power points and lighting where they benefit you the most?
Have you considered how your outside power and lighting or water will work?
Have you got a tap in the fridge space?
How good will the air quality in your home be?
Have you maximised all your possible storage spaces?
Is your home truly liveable, functional and timeless?
Most important of all, is this home a reflection of you, the people who will live in it and write your memories in it?
Will it deliver the same to the many more future generations who will call this place home?
Whether your job is a new home, an extension or a renovation, our job is to make sure that every issue that is likely to affect your happiness is evaluated and covered off early. That way you can feel confident even before the building process begins.

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If you are challenged by any big decisions for your next home improvement idea, or have any building related issues, give Anton a call on 0418 177 380 for a free phone consultation to discuss the best way forward.

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