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Your complete custom home builder, specialising in sustainable home design and construction.

The project that best showcases our total approach to sustainable building is in our own home – the award winning Machu Picchu design as it displays many principles we employ.

Machu Picchu is the synthesis of an artistic work together with sustainable goals and represents our holistic approach to environmental design and attention to building craft. A myriad of different factors are carefully in place to reduce overall environmental footprint of the home. Laid out in an innovative manner, the home has 3-zoned levels. The lower level is for services, business and strength, the ground level is for living and entertaining, and the top level is for sleeping.

You will see sustainability and care for the environment reflected in everything from the water management system and home’s positioning, to the choice of certified timbers for flooring, frames and beams and low VOC paint, carpet, glue and floor finishes. Additionally, materials with maximised U and R-values have been chosen for building and insulation to boost the home’s strength and level of fire resistance.’

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