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If you love where you live but want the investment value and sheer liveability of a modern home the choice of knock down and rebuild is a great way to go. There are good reasons why more of our clients are going that way. When you add up the expense and uncertainty of moving (even within your existing area) the idea of knock down and rebuild starts looking better and better.

Sure the old house has been good to you and holds great memories, but small dark rooms and narrow corridors are not the stuff of dreams these days and we are sure you have walked into modern homes and said “wow”.

Bigger rooms, expansive open areas, a new gourmet kitchen and alfresco area where the inside meets your outside entertainment space are the sorts of things you can expect when you choose Calm Living Homes for your knock down and rebuild project.

Maybe you have an architect or maybe you have your own ideas? It it’s the latter we can help you bring your dream home to life because we have over 40 years experience with what works and looks great. If you see our Machu Picchu concept home you will see a whole range of new ideas and proven principles working effectively. Things like indoor gardens, natural long lasting finishes, and passive heating and cooling taken to a new level. These features not only separate your home from the average but make it totally comfortable with low running costs and a small environmental footprint.

You will get a feel for our style straight away when you contact us. We don’t have commission sales people or big company excuses. We talk straight and help you at every step of the process and are an open book in terms of costings and margins.

We are not a big builder but we are an award winning builder and like to work closely with our clients so you get an individual home that is built for you. Led from the front by Comprehensive Building Analyst and Advisor Anton, we are known in the business for our attention to detail and the quality of our work. We can help you make the right choices so your new home is both a wonderful investment and a great source of happiness.

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If you are challenged by any big decisions for your next home improvement idea, or have any building related issues, give Anton a call on 0418 177 380 for a free phone consultation to discuss the best way forward.

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