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Double story renovations? We have all seen them done and they can be a great option. Some are a real enhancement to the value of a home and some are… well less than that.

Nearly any double story renovation will offer more space, improved storage and previously unseen views but not all work as well as they might. To us, that means double story renovations, that work with your home aesthetically or makes it look like an architectural whole not an ugly bolt on. If you already have an architect you are happy with, that is great but you can still access our advice on detail because this is what we do every day.

All our tradespeople are proven and can to deliver the standard of work we require and have been with us many years. That means we can guarantee the quality of your result and you can know that every stage of your job will be completed on time.

After more than 30 years in building we also know how to run double story renovations, so you can live in your home while the work is going on with minimum disruption and without the expense and inconvenience of having to move out. Achieving this is all as much about the preparation before the job is started as what is done when it is in progress. We know how to plan for minimum damage, minimum time on site for trades and how to reduce things like noise and dust to a minimum as well.

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We have over 30 years experience in double story renovations. If you are looking for the right builder to undertake one or even are in the early days of exploring your options feel free to call Anton on 0418 177 380

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