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Welcome to Calm Living Homes.

Anton Engelmayer is an award-winning Comprehensive building Analyst and Advisor specialising in all disciplines of holistic design, sustainable practices and strategic problem solving.

Winner of the 5 Star Sustainability CPD Excellence Awards

Collaboration is key to Success

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Calm Living Homes is your one source of development for tailor-made custom homes, extensions, and functional renovations.

We work collaboratively with you from the initial consultation right through to the handover day. Calm Living Homes is committed to connecting and sourcing the best-suited contractors, products and materials.

 Calm Living Homes is here to help turn your house into a home. Our craftsmanship and passion are second to none, with many of our award-winning sustainable home solutions held in the highest esteem within the building industry.

About Calm Living Homes

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The Right Experience

Calm Living Homes’ clients can rest assured that their build project is in the best hands, due to Anton’s deep understanding of the entire build process, years of experience plus the professionalism of his chosen contractors.

As an analyst and advisor, Anton works with his clients to establish a budget, create a concept and develop the best holistic design governed by all associated parameters. Anton takes into consideration a home’s effects on health and emotional wellbeing, plus the overall built environment and landscaping. Anton strives to build homes that create a better world for our children and utilises sustainable practices in every instance possible.

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What Our Clients Say

We very much enjoy living in our renovated family home

Thanks to Anton and his team our renovation was completed to a high standard, on time and within budget during 2014. Anton took great pride in our job and was always contactable during the life of our project. He is committed to his projects and works with reliable project managers, quality tradesmen and well researched suppliers...

Liesl & Paul

No hesitation in recommending them!

Anton Engelmayer and his crew rescued us after an extension project went badly wrong with a major insurance builder. They took a poorly implemented project that was two years behind schedule and completed it to a very high level of quality within three months...

Chris and Steph Betts

Extra mile to make us happy

We were planning to renovate when we had the good fortune in finding Anton Engelmayer. Anton was already renovating a house in our street not far from us...

Lyn and David Pitts

A solid and quality built extension

My partner and I engaged Anton Engelmayer of Calm Living Homes to build the upstairs extension on our single-fronted house in Prahran. The renovation commenced in February 2013. The brief was to extend and existing upstairs area to incorporate a new bedroom, TV nook, bathroom, internal balcony and attic conversion...

Brett Jenkin

Quality without compromising on value

My partner and I engaged Anton in late 2012 to build a downstairs extention and a first floor to our Edwardian home in Glen Iris. He was always forth coming with ideas for the design and advice that became invaluable throughout the entire building process...

A. M. Hahn

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Client Reviews on Google

What impresses most in our interactions with Anton is how he wants to connect with you to understand your build. In our case, in our first consult Anton spent a great deal of energy teasing apart the connections my husband and I had with our house, so that we could use these to visualise our next steps towards building a family home. We gave Anton a budget to begin with, and we were ready to talk the nitty gritty about what we could and couldn’t do — we expected to name our budget and be given the size and dimensions of the box we would have to think within. However Anton wasn’t having any of that. Instead, he wanted to first connect with us and tap into our 5 years ‘lived-in’ experiences within our home. He wanted to know: what do you like about your space, why do you like it, where is your energies and memories most concentrated in the house. Finding these emotional centres was where Anton advised creating the ‘hubs’ in the design, and then explained how these can take in important elements of aspect, light and space (or advising how clever design he had derived over his extensive career could be used to bring those elements back into the space). Note, Anton never told us ideas were impossible through this, which I found remarkable and often a bit daunting, and encouraged us to build and explore what we hoped to achieve. That is not to say that there wasn’t a lot of important details or process covered. The first half of our 3 hour consult was spent going over in detail each stage of the process, from this original meeting to building. Anton has an extensive list of vetted contacts to give confidence throughout, including draftsman, surveyors, builders, which he highlighted he can liaise with and intercede on our behalf. Based on his experience he was confident we could achieve our aspirations without compromising on the overall vision. We are hopeful that from this original consult that we can move forward towards the ‘next stage’ for the build, allowing us to grow and start a family.
Samantha Emery
Samantha Emery
May 5, 2022.
I could not recommend Anton more! He was able to create a new floor-plan for our renovation/extension project working with the old house as much as possible to keep costs down. His experience showed as he thought of using the existing house in ways we never would have. He really listened to our wants/needs (specifically a two stage project so we didn’t have to move out) and came up with a great plan to achieve our goals, all within our budget. He openly shared his knowledge offering lots of little tips and tricks along the way. A kind, personable and professional person to work with.
Daniella Kwestroo
Daniella Kwestroo
January 17, 2022.
Initially we reached out to Anton to get advise on our home extension - but we got so much more! Anton has a wealth of knowledge and on top of that is a wonderful person to deal with. Not only did he gave us lots of inspiration of what's possible with extending our house, he also inspected the house and gave us tips on how we could create more space in the short term. He really took the time to understand our wants & needs as well as look at our house and what's possible. He talked us through things we could do ourselves as well as next steps for a potential build and the costs and process involved. I highly recommend contacting Anton if you are thinking about your next home renovation project and wonder where to start! Thanks again Anton
Lotte Niens
Lotte Niens
November 22, 2021.
When it comes to home building & renovations, Anton has a wealth of knowledge, a positive, calm and friendly attitude, an eye for detail, & an undeniable passion for providing a professional & positive experience for his clients. Anton took time to understand how we live & what we wanted to achieve, before offering practical, honest and creative advice to help us ultimately bring our dream home to life - within budget. Most importantly, Anton provides support and guidance throughout the renovation process, giving us confidence and assurance of a seamless process and quality result of the highest standard.
Becky Taylor
Becky Taylor
November 3, 2021.
I am really glad we found Anton at Calm Living Homes to provide us with some badly needed expert advice on our home renovation plans. We are undertaking major renovation works on an old home and we want to manage our own project and be as involved as possible. However, we are not builders! We are still in the early stages of our project, but Anton's frank advice based on his years of experience has already been very helpful as we plan works to fit our budget and meet our needs.
Meredith Foster
Meredith Foster
October 14, 2021.
Anton visited out home last weekend and offers great combination of the visionary and practical. He can imagine awesome outcomes and paint an integrated picture of what could be, but also - with decades of experience - has good building clout and so is able to articulate what money, time and effort-level are likely to be involved. This is super helpful for planning a new home renovation project. Thanks Anton!
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Martin
October 13, 2021.
We had a renovation completed in 2018. We had some small problems, and some big.The Calm Living Homes team was there through thick and thin, always just a phone call or a text away. The manager was ready to answer questions at anytime, listened to out concerns as well as gave us good ideas. One of the best things about them is that they really care about their client and have a genuine concern for their reputation. So glad we were with them.
Alison O'Connor
Alison O'Connor
November 14, 2018.
We recently engaged Anton Englemeyer of Calm Living Homes to complete a knock down/rebuild of our dream custom designed Hampton's style home. The process from start to finish was smooth, without delays and with excellent communication from our Project Manager Steven. The build took just under 6 months (with Christmas and Easter included so it was probably less!)and was finished to a great standard and with such quality trades, we are extremely pleased with the end result. Anton and Steven guided us through the process and were great to deal with, honest and reliable, and always looking out for our best interests. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to build an excellent quality home.
Jessica Tynan
Jessica Tynan
November 13, 2018.
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