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About Anton

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Journey & Philosophy.

I see my world and life as a great gift that I am truly grateful and humbled by. I am nothing more nor less than the simple loving human being that I am.

Even through difficulties and suffering, I am grateful for those who have suffered and sacrificed so much more for me and you, so as to have this life we are blessed with.

2022 will be the 60th celebration of my life. Even as I've survived and thrived through some serious health issues I've learned how valuable life truly is. I am now stronger, happier and more at peace on this beautiful planet we call earth than ever.

My vow is that I will leave this world a better place for my 4 amazing children than the world I was born into. Thank you for your valuable time.
- Anton

About Anton

Owner Principal at Calm Living Homes.

Anton has been building for 40+ years and been a professional registered passionate master builder since 1993, building new homes and doing renovations. Especially in the past 10 years or so, renovations have been a major part of our work.

During that time Anton has seen a lot of building situations and also what really affects the efficiency and liveability of a home for owners.

Part of Anton's skill is not just seeing problems but understanding your needs and communicating with you to get a solution that is going to work really well for you.

Consulting & Advocacy.

Anton is exemplary amongst builders by taking a strong stand for the industry as a whole. He’s an award-winning Comprehensive building Analyst and Advisor specialising in all disciplines of holistic design, sustainable practices and strategic problem solving.

Feature Video: Amongst other media appearances Anton's been relied on as an expert advisor on A Current Affair.


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