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Grand designed homes. Spectacular green homes, tailor made.

At Grand Designed Homes we build tailor made, beautiful and individual green homes that incorporate the best in green home design.

Having been in building for 33 years we have seen what materials age badly or go out of fashion and are then replaced. That was one of our inspirations to build our homes with beautiful sustainable materials that will stand the tests of time as well as style. The bigger picture is simply our desire to take responsibility for our children’s future.

Our goal is to help you achieve your dream and we believe that we are uniquely positioned to do this.

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Grand Designed homes will bring to life your grand designs home

Working with Grand Designed Homes is about your own vision. Whether it is a long held plan or a just a scrawl on a napkin after a few reds, the idea for a unique dream home always starts with passion. That’s all you need – until you start to try to build it. That’s when you need someone with building experience that is committed to high standards and working with you every step of the way.

That is where Grand Designed Homes comes in since capturing your passion and blending it with our own is our passion

Not only can we help you interpret your own “grand design” ideas but we can bring techniques and materials that you may not have been aware of. We can help with architectural ideas or work with your architect if that is what you would prefer but we also take a whole of house and land approach. That means giving your home the best possible siting for both aesthetics and energy efficiency.

We can also make every element of your home and its surrounds – things like your landscaping gardens, driveway etc. say something. The idea is that every element can have a life that contributes to the whole in a coordinated way. Not only does this involve the best in green building techniques and savings on energy and maintenance but an effect where your home extends outward and is not just stuck on the land like a sore thumb. That is what separates a Grand Designed Homes level of vision from something that is just souped up ordinary. Just like in the Grand Designs TV show there is always a budget and because we know the suppliers, the materials and a the design options we can make sure you get the result you want but also the value.

This is what we have done at our Machu Picchu home as our own grand designs project and it is there for you to see. If you are looking for something individual that will be here for the long term Grand Designed Homes offers a unique and personalized service to deliver just that. With over 30 years experience in building we will make sure you not only avoid the traps, but also don’t have to water down your dream because you didn’t know how to get something done. If you want your home to outlast fads and be there for your children we can help you do that. If you want it to save you money throughout the time you own it and one day generate a handsome return through its sale price we can help you do that too.

“We are not interested in being a volume builder but would rather do great work that both we and our customers can feel 110% proud of – it’s that simple” says Managing Director Anton Engelmayer


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One point of contact. Total responsibility.

While we are happy to work with your architect we often undertake design and construction as a whole and have the capability and the partners to all aspects of green building so you have one point of contact and we take total responsibility.

The areas that Grand Designed Homes can help in include the following:

  • Optimal land and site selection, including soil type, geology and site orientation allowing for the sun and seasons.
  • Integration of landscape design, plant selection and landscape construction as part of a total sustainable home package
  • Home design that takes into account natural features, passive heating and cooling, heating and cooling efficiency, allergies and health issues and personal tastes.
  • Selection of environmentally friendly materials and finishes that are beautiful, individual and durable.
  • Carpentry, cabinet making and tiling done to the “old school” standard of doing it right the first time and near enough not being good enough.
  • Solar energy options
  • Design and installation of electronic systems (C Bus) to improve energy efficiency and whole of house management including remote.
  • Installation of rainwater harvesting and grey water treatment systems
  • While we prefer to work closely with you our reporting systems are detailed and provide you with exact status if you are busy in your business or personal life.
  • Finally and importantly delivery of your home on time and on budget

What can you expect from us

When clients choose Grand Designed Homes, they truly do get something different from the beginning of the design and building process until the exciting day that they move into their new home.

While we might be building your dream house, we never lose sight of the fact that we are creating a practical environment where people will live, work and play. From our perspective, waste isn’t beauty. You won’t see unnecessary architecture, but what you will see is a home that is respectful of the environment, beautiful and still possesses a profound “wow” factor.

Having clients understand our design process is of paramount importance. Key issues such as budget, design, green and sustainable options, block selection, passive orientation and best landscaping opportunities are all examined in detail. Likewise, full home design layout including aesthetic features, colour coordination, functional living and furniture placement are addressed.

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The Grand Designed Homes Philosophy. Sharing knowledge.

“One of my strong beliefs” continues Anton “is that knowledge has to be shared to be any value. We are always doing new things and building is what we do every day so we are not precious about what we give away. I don’t mind if someone rings me up to find out about something and I am happy to give some of my time to help them”

Anton Engelmayer is an award winning green builder who won the 2013 Master Builders Association of Victoria Award for the best sustainable home under $650,000 for his Machu Picchu project.


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Contact Us

Feel free to give us a call.

If you have a plan to build your own grand designs green home or would like help to develop one call Anton on 0418 177 380 or email on [email protected]

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