Pickford St Prahran

Pickford St Prahran

Lyn and David Pitts

We were planning to renovate when we had the good fortune in finding Anton Engelmayer. Anton was already renovating a house in our street not far from us. We asked to meet him as we had already heard how well things were going with our neighbours. We had already spent time with design and concept and all of those issues but we needed costing’s and a builder. Anton was asked to quote on the total renovation. He then gave us a detailed breakdown of those costs and was quite objective in his assessment – “I will get quotes on any part that you are unhappy with as long as it meets my quality standards”. We got what we paid for – outstanding.

Anton was quite determined in using all his contacts and that proved to be the best for us. From the draftsmen to the plumber, carpenters, electrician, they were all excellent. And because of Anton’s relationship with them he coordinated the timetables so that everything flowed well. They were all fantastic to work with and have in our home as we lived on the premises while the renovation took place. It was completed in only 8 weeks – must be some sort of record!

Anton is passionate about his work and his attention to detail is extraordinary. And he would always go the extra mile to make us happy. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone and would certainly use him again.

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