grand design three

grand design three


One point of contact. Total responsibility.

While we are happy to work with your architect we often undertake design and construction as a whole and have the capability and the partners to all aspects of green building so you have one point of contact and we take total responsibility.

The areas that Grand Designed Homes can help in include the following:

  • Optimal land and site selection, including soil type, geology and site orientation allowing for the sun and seasons.
  • Integration of landscape design, plant selection and landscape construction as part of a total sustainable home package
  • Home design that takes into account natural features, passive heating and cooling, heating and cooling efficiency, allergies and health issues and personal tastes.
  • Selection of environmentally friendly materials and finishes that are beautiful, individual and durable.
  • Carpentry, cabinet making and tiling done to the “old school” standard of doing it right the first time and near enough not being good enough.
  • Solar energy options
  • Design and installation of electronic systems (C Bus) to improve energy efficiency and whole of house management including remote.
  • Installation of rainwater harvesting and grey water treatment systems
  • While we prefer to work closely with you our reporting systems are detailed and provide you with exact status if you are busy in your business or personal life.
  • Finally and importantly delivery of your home on time and on budget
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