Period and Heritage

Period and Heritage

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Period & Heritage House Extensions

Period home or heritage home extensions mean working with a home's special heritage values and that’s why you can’t get just anybody to undertake this. It is even more important to choose the right builder if you still want modern energy efficiency and the best elements of modern interior design while maintaining the original home's integrity.

The look of a heritage home is key to the character of the area and councils are looking more closely than ever at potential projects to make sure that your project complies with their regulations. As a Comprehensive Building Analyst and Advisor, Anton makes sure that all planning for your heritage home extension takes account of these factors so an issue is unlikely to arise. Achieving that can mean making the choices right from the start.

Here are a few examples:

A heritage home renovation often comes with its challenges and limitations with regard to council regulations such as heritage overlays etc. and expert help can make sure this aspect goes without a hitch.

Sometimes the partnership of a modern extension and a period area works best when each is allowed to be what it is and are separate from one another. It can be a mistake, for example, to build an extension that is a faux heritage when a tasteful modern extension on the original period home would achieve a better long term outcome.

If you undertake a heritage home renovation it’s important to consider how you can also upgrade its energy efficiency. We can help you with a lot of options here. Things like breathable membranes to cut out drafts or modern glazing options. If your renovation is more than 50% of your homes area you will also have to upgrade this to 6 star level under building regulations.

The proportions of the building, the finishes, the decoration and many other details are the things that make your home what it is. We have knowledge of these elements and the experience and above all the passion to preserve them in the sprit of the original builder. If you need to restore a slate roof, match a heritage window, find or remake a heritage bathroom tile or recreate a 1930’s ceiling moulding we have the specialists who can do it.

Because we have long history in energy efficient and green building we can also make sure your heritage home has equal energy efficiency to the most modern home without altering its historic individuality.

When we renovate a period or historic home we start by listening and gaining a good understanding of what you want from the project and then guide you to achieve those goals. Our service can run all the way from working up plans right through advice on heritage look paints and finishes. If you want these to be non-toxic or low VOC we can help with those sorts of detail as well.

You will get a feel for our style straight away when you contact us. We don’t have commission sales people or big company excuses. We talk straight and help you at every step of the process and are an open book in terms of our detailed costings and margins

While we have won awards we are also a family run business so the person you speak to runs the business and what you get is personalized service and good communication from start to finish.

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