two parts

two parts

Calm Living Homes

We now have two parts of our business with slightly different offerings:

Calm Living Homes which does renovations and extensions using green building techniques.replica watcehs

Grand Designed Homes which specialises in high specification luxury homes built on the best green building and design principles. This means is you can have a spectacular home to suit a large family that has a small environmental impact.replica Rolex vs Panerai watcehs

While many people are now looking to save on home energy costs and make a personal statement by undertaking a green renovation or building their green grand designs home there is a lot of claim and counterclaim in this area. We can help you understand all the options and make the right choices for your individual situation.

This is why we also offer a Green home or renovation audit service. While there is no pressure to use us as a builder when you go through this process it can save you money by guiding your decision making. Typically it can help you answer questions such as:

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