Attila H
We have a period home, circa 1910, and our builder did a ground floor extension of approximately ten by six meters. He also built two bedrooms, a theatre room, and a full suite bathrooms upstairs for us. I’d describe the building process with Anton as very professional. His attention to detail was excellent. As for his advice and opinions that I took on board, he would talk me out of things that I mistakenly thought were the right things to do. In hind sight, I’m glad he did. Obviously, I began to rely on his knowledge and experience from previous builds. It was very, very good. In regards to the attitude of management, they were very diligent, very aware of our needs, and very positive at all times despite the frustrations that come with adding a new building onto a 110 year old building. His attitude was excellent most of the time. He motivated his employees very well. He treated them exceptionally well, in contrast to the way I’ve seen other builders treat their employees. It was almost like being a part of a family. We actually lived on site during the building process and for three and a half or so months, these guys were here every morning. They really respected the conditions that we tried to live in, and what we tried to do as well. So, we’re more than impressed with his employees. There were a couple of small issues and oversights, but there was no level of blame and the issues were possibly because of my involvement in the process as well. Overall, it was very good. He was very thorough from when he held meetings prior to the build commencing, up to his phone calls at the end of the day after everything had wound up and everyone had gone home to plan the following day. The communication factor was very, very good and we always knew what was going on. I did a little bit of on-site work after the building commenced. I did a bit of painting and a little bit of the detail work. He would more than chastise me for work that I had completed that he wasn’t happy with, and not such requested, but more demanded that I do it again if he was going to put his name against this property. So, his attention to detail was outstanding. For responsiveness, he was very open to suggestions and feedback. Overall, he was very good at understanding what we wanted or required, and if it wasn’t quite right, he would make it fit. So, he was quite good. We completed what was potentially a nine month build in just thirteen weeks, from shovelling soil out back beginning on June 1st, to basically the builders packing up and leaving thirteen weeks later. I was very impressed with the time-frame. Within that, we had some unforeseen delays with a neighbourly issue, but it was more than I could have asked for. The employees had a high level of autonomy. There were unstated rules on the job, everyone knew what they were doing at all times, and it goes as a lot of credit to his behalf. He was very good at the management I would definitely highly recommend him & his team.