North Balwyn

North Balwyn

Jo Chappell

My name is Jo Chappell and in the capacity of owner builder I employed Anton Engelmayer of Calm Living Homes on two large projects over an 18-month period. The work involved extensive renovations and an extension to my existing home. In my role as owner builder, I came to trust and appreciate Anton’s high standards, natural aptitude, and professional conduct in relation to all areas of building. Anton encouraged a team ethos in relating to others on site. His sense of humour, coupled with a thoughtful approach to co-workers was a motivating factor in driving the project to a highly successful conclusion. Anton is to be commended for his ability to encourage self-efficacy amongst co-workers. This is an outcome of his ability to engage in active listening as well as making the most of every opportunity to learn from others.

Anton consistently reflected upon, evaluated, and modified the progress of the project as well as his own professional performance throughout the course of the day. He was highly organised, reliable and was consistently engaged in planning ahead. The project was completed on target but would have been ahead of time if not for the inclement weather. Anton proved his extensive experience in the quality of work he produced. He approached problems with a resourceful and positive attitude and was never defeated by challenges that needed to be confronted or was able to anticipate and avoid. Anton’s confidence in his abilities was a testimony to his unquestionable building experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness. His attention to detail was also outstanding.

Anton’s interpersonal skills were excellent. When changes needed to be made, he was always able to approach the issue in a diplomatic fashion, citing reasons clearly and giving invaluable advice. Likewise, when I had issues to discuss no matter how trivial, Anton always made my ideas valued. Anton displayed an aptitude for current building standards and legislation which was invaluable to all that were involved in the project His imaginative and creative flair coupled with his knowledge of the latest building products never ceased to amaze me. The result in so many areas of the home is individual and captivating. I have no hesitation in recommending Anton Engelmayer in his capacity as a builder. His performance and conduct are of a high professional standard. I have full confidence that he will be successful in all future ventures.

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