We can help you choose the right green home insulation

There is more to green home insulation than meets the eye.

In a new home things like the design of the house and the choice of wall structure and ventilation are the biggest factors in getting the best result. In other words there is more to this than just going for the highest rated fibreglass batts.

Here are some of the options:

  • Concrete with exterior insulation called: Insulated concrete forms (CIF). These offer the ultimate in insulation performance, fire proofing, soundproofing, long term durability and unmatched strength.
  • High thermal mass walls such as mud brick or rammed earth. Old school but low embedded energy and very effective when combined with well designed & effective exterior insulation strategies.
  • Reverse brick veneer. Having the bricks on the inside and insulated from external charging from the outside holds heat in winter and cool in summer.
  • Timber. Recycled low thermal bridge.

Whether you are  renovating your home or building a new one we can help you choose the right green home insulation.