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Lindsay Avenue Murrumbeena

Alicia Cerreto
We love our home. When I found Calm Living Home’s website, I was drawn to the confident vision, care for the environment, and sense of imagination amongst these homes. I left a message saying that we were looking for a great communicator who would help us renovate and extend our family home. Within the hour Anton had called me, full of enthusiasm, keen to see our 1920s Californian Bungalow.
When he did visit us, Anton was the first builder we’d met who walked through our house, appreciated what we already had, and shared a vision of what it could be. Anton was generous with his time as we went through the planning process, and offered an intuitive understanding of what we were looking for. Anton also offered a range of suggestions to help us feel comfortable with budget.
Of course the building process had its ups and downs, but those challenges now seem small in light of the beautiful light-filled family home we now live in. Anton is focussed on solutions and passionate about what he can create for his clients. Calm Living Homes delivered a renovation that respects and enhances the traditional character of our Californian Bungalow, and brings a modern version of that style through into our open plan living. We love it.

Inkerman Road Caulfield

When Robyn and I were looking to buy our next house about two years ago, we decided to speak to Anton from Calm Living Homes. We had heard about his work and decided to contact him.

We bought our property with the initial intention to build something new from scratch but after Anton had a look at our property, he convinced us to look at renovating the home instead of pulling it down. We knew that we could never build something new that would not only have the structural properties of the existing house – double brick walls, high ceilings: but more importantly maintain the history and the character of the building. We realised that the cost of trying to build the same structural quality in a new house would not be cost effective .
It was important to us to be able to work with Anton and listen to his suggestions. We felt confident enough with Anton not to use an architect as it was important to us to be involved in the process of building our new home. Anton was very proactive. He worked with us to think about ideas on how to work with the existing building. Things like how we could make it energy efficient, a low maintenance building and structural sound. The process of using a draftsman enable us to get the final plans we wanted.

The whole project took about 9 months and was reasonably smooth. Having built and renovating before we understood that renovating house can be stressful. The project was completed within our estimated budget with no major blowouts. Reflecting on how the project went we are very happy not only final outcome but with the actual journey. Anton’s team of workers were very accommodating and in-fact we can think of Steven (Anton’s building manager) as new friend! I think we spoke to him more often than each other at times! If we wanted advice or wanted to change things during the build – we could always rely on Steven or Anton.

The final building is beautiful, the workmanship first class and we are extremely happy with the final product. We would recommend Calm Living Homes to any person who are thinking about renovating their home. A big THANK YOU to Anton, Steven and the team.

Fern Grove Ferny Creek

Graham Lawrence
Calm Living Homes did a fantastic renovation for us in Ferny Creek.

Anton generously used his expertise to help us brainstorm ideas for the renovation and extension of our home. He took into consideration our budget, consulted through the design stage and most importantly communicated with us in every detail during construction of our new home. The project team also had a mutual understanding and was flexible with our living needs. Their expertise on choosing the right design products for our new kitchen, flooring, bathroom and living space was excellent.

Our new home was completed earlier than expected and we were most impressed with Anton’s team of professional trades and suppliers which attended to every detail professionally. Anton’s many years of experience in the building industry helped us choose the right interior design, correct natural colours and spectacular use of skylights. This brings natural light into our beautiful home, now a 6 star energy rating house which keep our home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Calm Living home also helped with exterior facade design and using natural stonework which makes our new home a high quality house which blends in well with the natural environment surroundings.

We would like to thank Anton, Ron and the team for their professionalism, understanding, building product knowledge and letting us be involved in the building process. We love our new living space and landscape surrounds. I would highly recommend Calm Living Homes for any renovation or new build. Anton’s credentials and awards, together with delivering top quality constructions is paramount. Our new renovated home will last a long time for many generations to enjoy. We thank you and your team.

Netherlee Street Glen Iris

Attila H
We have a period home, circa 1910, and our builder did a ground floor extension of approximately ten by six meters. He also built two bedrooms, a theatre room, and a full suite bathrooms upstairs for us. I’d describe the building process with Anton as very professional. His attention to detail was excellent. As for his advice and opinions that I took on board, he would talk me out of things that I mistakenly thought were the right things to do. In hind sight, I’m glad he did. Obviously, I began to rely on his knowledge and experience from previous builds. It was very, very good. In regards to the attitude of management, they were very diligent, very aware of our needs, and very positive at all times despite the frustrations that come with adding a new building onto a 110 year old building. His attitude was excellent most of the time. He motivated his employees very well. He treated them exceptionally well, in contrast to the way I’ve seen other builders treat their employees. It was almost like being a part of a family. We actually lived on site during the building process and for three and a half or so months, these guys were here every morning. They really respected the conditions that we tried to live in, and what we tried to do as well. So, we’re more than impressed with his employees. There were a couple of small issues and oversights, but there was no level of blame and the issues were possibly because of my involvement in the process as well. Overall, it was very good. He was very thorough from when he held meetings prior to the build commencing, up to his phone calls at the end of the day after everything had wound up and everyone had gone home to plan the following day. The communication factor was very, very good and we always knew what was going on. I did a little bit of on-site work after the building commenced. I did a bit of painting and a little bit of the detail work. He would more than chastise me for work that I had completed that he wasn’t happy with, and not such requested, but more demanded that I do it again if he was going to put his name against this property. So, his attention to detail was outstanding. For responsiveness, he was very open to suggestions and feedback. Overall, he was very good at understanding what we wanted or required, and if it wasn’t quite right, he would make it fit. So, he was quite good. We completed what was potentially a nine month build in just thirteen weeks, from shovelling soil out back beginning on June 1st, to basically the builders packing up and leaving thirteen weeks later. I was very impressed with the time-frame. Within that, we had some unforeseen delays with a neighbourly issue, but it was more than I could have asked for. The employees had a high level of autonomy. There were unstated rules on the job, everyone knew what they were doing at all times, and it goes as a lot of credit to his behalf. He was very good at the management I would definitely highly recommend him & his team.

Pickford St Prahran

Lyn and David Pitts

We were planning to renovate when we had the good fortune in finding Anton Engelmayer. Anton was already renovating a house in our street not far from us. We asked to meet him as we had already heard how well things were going with our neighbours. We had already spent time with design and concept and all of those issues but we needed costing’s and a builder. Anton was asked to quote on the total renovation. He then gave us a detailed breakdown of those costs and was quite objective in his assessment – “I will get quotes on any part that you are unhappy with as long as it meets my quality standards”. We got what we paid for – outstanding.

Anton was quite determined in using all his contacts and that proved to be the best for us. From the draftsmen to the plumber, carpenters, electrician, they were all excellent. And because of Anton’s relationship with them he coordinated the timetables so that everything flowed well. They were all fantastic to work with and have in our home as we lived on the premises while the renovation took place. It was completed in only 8 weeks – must be some sort of record!

Anton is passionate about his work and his attention to detail is extraordinary. And he would always go the extra mile to make us happy. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone and would certainly use him again.

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