Green garden design as part of a green home

A green garden design is great way to add efficiency – and pleasure, to your green home.

In green building the house works hand in hand with the landscaping to make your home more comfortable, more beautiful and cheaper to run. The great advantage is that the right landscaping and plant choices can deliver a whole range of benefits and produce these long term at no or minimal cost.

  • Roof gardens Insulate from cold during winter and heat in summer
  • Creation of microclimates for special plants i.e. to enable those that require sun or heat to be grown in colder climates.
  • Once established, many native plants need minimal irrigation beyond normal rainfall.
  • Gardens watered with grey water or rainwater.
  • Garden design and plant selection to reduce weeds.
  • Green garden design to reduce maintenance.
  • Reduction of reflective heat into home
  • Reduction in wind and wind swirl
  • Providing natural habitat for fauna such as birds & insects
  • Green gardens can either be highly productive or decorative examples might be using a ground cover instead of lawn that requires a lot of maintenance, fertilizer and water, or some fruit trees in-between native shrubs.
  • Native plants have developed their own defences against many pests and diseases. Since most pesticides kill indiscriminately, beneficial insects become secondary targets in the fight against pests. Reducing or eliminating pesticide use lets natural pest control take over and keeps garden toxins out of our creeks and watersheds.
  • Water features can be used to aid in fire protection, water plants, frogs, insect & animals water source.
  • Use of fire retardant tree & grasses species as part of your fire plan
  • Incorporating zones of native bush for protection of biological diversity.
  • Edible gardens to supplement (or even replace) parts of your supermarket shopping
  • Permanent natural fences for security and aesthetic appeal or animal control
  • Use of Permaculture principles such as companion planting to reduce garden maintenance, plant diseases and watering.

As you can see the list of what a green garden can do for your green home is long. We can help you with planning the big picture of this for your home and lifestyle.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to find out more or have any questions contact Anton Engelmayer on 0418 177 380 or email at [email protected]