Green Garden Design As Part of a Green Home

A green garden design is a great way to add efficiency – and pleasure – to your green home.

Sustainable building practices go hand-in-hand with landscaping, working together to make your home more comfortable and more affordable to live in, all without compromising aesthetics. The right garden designs, made from the perfect landscaping and plant choices, deliver a wide range of benefits at minimal to no long-term cost.

Some of the options available for your green garden include:

  • A specialised garden design that reduces maintenance requirements, such as through a ground cover lawn
  • Watering your garden with greywater or rainwater
  • Gardens that produce food to reduce your supermarket spending and reliance
  • The creation of microclimates that allow you to grow plants that would usually struggle in your area
  • Natural fences for security and animal control, while maintaining aesthetic appeal
  • Reduction in wind and wind swirl
  • Water features to aid in fire protection, as well as fire-retardant trees and grasses
  • Garden design that can help reduce the growth of weeds
  • Use of permaculture principles such as companion planting to reduce garden maintenance, plant diseases and watering
  • Roof gardens that properly insulate cold during the winter and heat in the summer

It is also worth considering how you could use native flora and fauna when creating a green garden design. Many native plants thrive once established, needing minimal water beyond normal rainfall. They also provide a natural habitat for native birds and insects, making your home feel more alive. Plating natives also helps to promote and protect Australia’s natural biological diversity. Native plants often will not require any pesticides, having natural defences against pests and diseases.

There are countless options when it comes to garden designs for an eco-friendly home. At Calm Living Homes, we can help you throughout the entire process of putting together and executing a plan for a more environmentally friendly home and lifestyle. To get started with your eco house and landscape build, simply call us on 0418 177 380 or complete our online contact form today.

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